“Anticipate the call”

Hey friends! This is a little bit of a different post for me so I just wanted to give you a heads up before you dive in 🙂 One morning recently while I was worshiping, the Lord showed me a picture that steadied my heart in the season I’m in. In my heart, I feel so strongly that there are some others in similar seasons that it might speak to so I want to share in hopes that it blesses you! Here we go…

During worship, Jesus took my spirit’s eye to a picture of me on the ocean in a well made sail boat. The skies over me were cloudy and the water was deep gray and very choppy. I wouldn’t call it an all out storm but the water was rough enough to make you stay cautious and alert to everything you needed to be aware of to sail steadily. I was mindful of the wind’s speed and direction, each rope, the sail position…there was no passivity. I looked out onto the ocean around me and suddenly Jesus appeared standing on the water about 25 yards to the side of my boat. Immediately I heard Him say “Anticipate my call.” I knew He was asking me to let go of the boat so I began to ready my heart to step out of it. I let go of the “ropes” and shifted my focus from steering/navigating to readying my feet to step out of a secure place. He hadn’t called me to step yet, but He wanted me to know He was going to and He wanted me to be ready to be immediately obedient.

Here’s what I felt He was saying to a specific situation in my life, and maybe its for some of you too. There has been a course we’ve been on, some of us for years, that is a good course. Its a course He called us to. When we started out, He gave us the blueprints for our “boat”, helped us build it, and taught us how to sail skillfully in it. We’ve been sailing in obedience but He is getting ready to call us out of that boat. Its not just to change course, its to abandon ship all together. We follow His presence. We can’t let ourselves get so attached to the boat He’s helped us build that when He calls us to a new place, we hesitate or act surprised that He’s asking us to leave. It’s not about our “boats”, it’s about His presence and following Him. We rarely see Jesus on the shore when we’re in the boat (heck most of the time we can’t even see the shore! There’s no safety net except Him. #amiright?). We always see Him on the water. He is always doing the impossible and calling us to follow in faith. “Anticipate the call”. When we see Him on the water, we should never be surprised that He calls us there, even if it means leaving behind something we’ve felt Him help us build.

The other thing I felt Him highlight is that He said “anticipate my call” not “jump out as soon as you see me.” The words he chooses to speak to us are intentional and precise. The timing of our “abandon ship” is important because His timing is always strategic. If we see him on the water, we shouldn’t assume we should go ahead and jump. Listen for His voice. Once He lets us know to anticipate a change, its our job to ready our hearts to be obedient as soon as He says it’s time. Anticipate means “to realize before hand; to expect; to be sure of.” Anticipating His call (realizing and being sure He is about to transition us out of something and into something new) readies our heart to let go of a boat we’ve grown to value when He says it’s time. It takes the shock factor away when He asks us to do something that seems crazy to the world. Sometimes He shifts things on us immediately, but sometimes He gives us an opportunity to prepare for what He’s calling us so we can be ready. Don’t waste that time. Press in if you feel Him telling you to anticipate change. He’s emphasizing that is vital for your heart to be ready. Let go of the things you might be clinging to that aren’t for the next season. Loosen the ropes on securities that you’ve allowed your heart to stand on that He may be calling you out of. Be ready to step right out of your boat as soon as you hear Him say “Now”. He is always trustworthy and worthy of immediate obedience. You can be sure He is taking you from glory to glory. What ever He asks you to step away from, you can guarantee what He will take you into will be immeasurably better. It’s His nature to upgrade.

In this season of anticipating His call to “come now”, I want my eyes to be so fixed on His beautiful face that I don’t even think about looking back at what I will leave behind. His gaze has captivated me for life and I want my eyes to always be fixed on the prize of His presence. Regardless of what I step away from, He is worth it. Every step made in obedience gives Him more from our life and positions us in deeper intimacy with Him. He is so worthy. Maybe you’re in the same boat with me (see what I did there? 🙂 Couldn’t help myself!). If you’re seeing him on the water and He’s told you He’s going to call, ready your heart. His call is coming at the perfect moment. When He tells us to abandon ship, it’s because we’re about to walk on water. I’m praying for all of us going through a transition and that we would give Him everything we can from our lives in this place.

This is one of my favorite Summer vaycay pics featuring my handsome hubby and thought it was pretty fitting!  Walking right into the waves, not worried about the clouds, fearless.

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