Holy ordinary moments

Welcome to a peek at a recent morning at our house. Yep, that’s me in all my morning glory – jammies, messy bun, bare face & feet holding my baby who’s rocking Christmas PJs in September.

After hearing heavy National news that afternoon, I woke up in the middle of the night, burdened to pray for America and the Body of Christ around the world. I love when the Lord gets me up to pray in the stillness of night. Actually, in full transparency, getting that first foot out of the bed is tricky, but the rest is always powerfully engaging. I tip-toed down stairs to our siting room ready to press in & hear how Father wanted me to pray. Quietness created space for full focus. In those early morning hours, I was able to intercede undistracted until I felt the urge to pray lift. Then back to bed I went.

When I got up that morning, for the second time, the pull to pray was back. This time, the quiet environment that had been present at 3am was long gone. Nose deep in our morning routine, Samuel played on the kitchen floor while I made breakfast. Honestly, I was wishing I could press pause on motherhood and carve out a quiet space to pray over so much brokenness in the world. I scrambled eggs while that urge rumbled loud and unrelenting in my spirit. Worship is one of the best ways to “multitask” in the spirit with kiddos, so I pressed shuffle on a worship playlist, scooped oatmeal into bowls, and tried to keep my spirit engaged.

I felt an intense pull to declare God’s Lordship & the victory of the cross over our nation & the world. Holy Spirit reminded me of a throw back to 90s youth group: the song “Our God is an Awesome God”. I turned it on and played every version – from the OG, Rich Mullins, all the way to Hillsong.

With one arm holding Samuel and the other stretched out, I declared over America that “Our God is an awesome God. HE REIGNS from heaven above with wisdom, power and love…” As I engaged with the words, the presence of God flooded my kitchen right on top of sizzling eggs, steaming oatmeal and a sweet squirmy boy.

Samuel immediately stilled in my arms as God met with us. As we worshipped King Jesus together, things moved in heaven and in our hearts. We both felt it. Heaviness lifted & hope rose up. What started as trying to balance a prayer assignment with mommy-hood transitioned into a powerful moment where Samuel and I came together lifting Jesus high, right there in our jammies. It was raw. It was real. It was victorious. Holy fell on our ordinary as we fixed our gaze on Jesus.

I want to raise him in a home where he sees all of those things mingled together. Ordinary & holy. Raw & victorious. I want him to be ever-confident that even when things feel hard, big, confusing, or heavy, Jesus reigns.

As mamas, we can desire to show our kids the strong, positive, well-packaged responses to life. We want to shield them from the hard stuff. I totally get it and that’s not wrong. But it’s also significant to let your babies glimpse you in your realness, when you’re juggling prayer burdens and scrambled eggs. Let them watch you take your raw moments to Jesus and stand firm in His victory. As He meets you & steadies your spirit amidst the routines & running around, they’ll realize that what He does for you, He is eager to do for them.

Our lives get to be a continual example to our kids that in any circumstance, we can live victoriously because we live from connection with Jesus. “Be supernaturally infused with strength through your life-union with the Lord Jesus. Stand victorious with the force of His explosive power flowing in and through you.” Eph 6:10 TPT

Sometimes “standing victorious” looks like powerfully focused prayer sessions that shake heaven. Sometimes it looks like choosing to worship through a heavy heart while serving up breakfast & wrangling little ones. We find holy moments waiting for us in any place where we fix our gaze on Jesus. I bet there is one waiting for you right now. Turn your heart to Him & see what happens.

(And for anyone wondering, no I don’t have a camera recording in my kitchen all the time. Zach walked downstairs, saw what was happening in the kitchen and snapped this pic. It’s one I treasure.)

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